Bob Gay

Robert Douglas Gay is a force of nature. His soaring sax solos take audiences on a death defying tightrope walk of emotional urgency. His signature sound can leap from haunting to harrowing to healing in a single breath. His adept fingers tap out timeless tones and tunes that tell tales that are both personal and poignant. His virtuosity is illuminated by his powerful stage presence and otherworldly personality. Surrounded by spirits, he is a mysterious and mystical magician who can conjure up a tear, a smile or a sigh with a single blow. Whether he is in the pocket, punctuating and accenting, or out of pocket, freewheeling and wailing, Robert Douglas Gay is arguably the best alto sax player on the planet…PERIOD!!!

Personal Statement:
Admittedly a band geek: “This One time at band camp…” swept the Outstanding Music Award in high school band all four years.

Attended Berklee College of music which launched my career as a studio musician in the Northeast.

Three-time Boston Music Awards winner having done a significant amount of New York sessions during my time at Epic Records and featured on albums with David Bowie, Chaka Khan, Howard Jones, Culture Club, the Bee Gees and more…

In 1990 I was a featured soloist on the Billboard Hot 100′s # 1 hit single “I’ll Be Your Everything” by artist Tommy Page, co-written by Jordan Knight and Danny Woods of New Kids On The Block.

I have been heard throughout the years on both local and national jingles as well as television show theme songs and film soundtracks.

My three Boston Music Awards will soon take a back seat to the Grammys I expect to win with the amazingly talented and entertaining group Velveteen Playboys.

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

David Sanborn, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Igor Stravinsky, Bach and Beethoven…

Favorite drink: Clausthaler non-alcoholic beer

Favorite place to play music: Giant Stadium

Favorite article of clothing: shoes

Last book read: “Black Indians” by William Loren Katz

Passion: Playing my saxophone and bodybuilding

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