Lenny Bradford

Lenny Bradford’s aura can be seen from outer space. He is the ONE of the one-two punch presiding over one of the best rhythm sections in modern music. Lenny is the heartbeat that determines the pulse of Velveteen Playboys. A master bluesman, he has wielded his bass in the four corners and seven continents of the world. Lenny can disarm an audience with a smile as he winds his bass lines through a treacherous landscape of rock, pop and swing solidarity. His affable and approachable manner make him a crowd favorite, and his mastery of the bass fills audiences with a soulful delight. Never on time, but always in time, Lenny Bradford provides the quintessential rhythm that defines the music of Velveteen Playboys.

Has Played Toured or Recorded with:
Joe Louis Walker, Entrain, James Montgomery Band, Diane Blue, Murali Coryel

Personal Statement:
Birthplace: Reading, PA

Influences: Musically, my influences are the Temptations, Santana, War, Led Zepplin, Thelonius Monk,
John Coltrane, Stanley Clarke, Afro-Cuban music. I like most stuff from the Carribean! I like East African drumming, Capoeira, Ludwig Van Beethoven, & Dance!!!

Favorite drink: My 2 favorite drinks are Ice Tea & Milk ( O.J. is my runner up!)

Favorite place to play music:
Honestly, I’ll play music anywhere!!!

Favorite article of clothing: I like shoes! Sunglasses too!!

Last book read: I just finished reading “the Professional” by Robert B. Parker.

Passion: I’m passionate about things that are Fun! Music, martial arts, Indian food, rocks, hawks, energy!!

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  1. LB: That Smile! Indomitable . That groove line! Infectious. You are such conductor of the party train on stage with your SMILE ENERGY and sweet bass lines. You still have all the spring in your step from Capoeira; little does the band know, if ever a throwdown were to happen, how you’d take out several men in one Martelo-do-Chão! Keep on Keepin on!

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