Lenny Bradford

Lenny Bradford’s aura can be seen from outer space. He is the ONE of the one-two punch presiding over one of the best rhythm sections in modern music. Lenny is the heartbeat that determines the pulse of Velveteen Playboys. A master bluesman, he has wielded his bass in the four corners and seven continents of the world. Lenny can disarm an audience with a smile as he winds his bass lines through a treacherous landscape of rock, pop and swing solidarity. His affable and approachable manner make him a crowd favorite, and his mastery of the bass fills audiences with a soulful delight. Never on time, but always in time, Lenny Bradford provides the quintessential rhythm that defines the music of Velveteen Playboys.

Has Played Toured or Recorded with:
Joe Louis Walker, Entrain, James Montgomery Band, Diane Blue, Murali Coryel

Personal Statement:
Birthplace: Reading, PA

Influences: Musically, my influences are the Temptations, Santana, War, Led Zepplin, Thelonius Monk,
John Coltrane, Stanley Clarke, Afro-Cuban music. I like most stuff from the Carribean! I like East African drumming, Capoeira, Ludwig Van Beethoven, & Dance!!!

Favorite drink: My 2 favorite drinks are Ice Tea & Milk ( O.J. is my runner up!)

Favorite place to play music:
Honestly, I’ll play music anywhere!!!

Favorite article of clothing: I like shoes! Sunglasses too!!

Last book read: I just finished reading “the Professional” by Robert B. Parker.

Passion: I’m passionate about things that are Fun! Music, martial arts, Indian food, rocks, hawks, energy!!

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