Paul Souza

Paul Souza is the best kept secret in the music industry, but the secret is about to get out. He is a throwback to the classic Las Vegas style singer/performers whose style and swagger recalls the early years of entertainers like Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. The consummate crowd pleaser, Paul’s powerful pipes and magnetic personality perfectly compliment his “made for the movies” appearance. With a high energy approach to performing, Paul is a hurricane of intensity and excitement. His hauntingly expressive eyes and professional poise make him the perfect pitchman, with perfect pitch, for any product endorsement or company branding campaign. He is the frontman defined, “smooth, soulful and sexy!” Paul Souza is the total package among today’s most popular entertainers.

Personal Statement:
I was a jock throughout most of my life, however, music has always been my passion. I sang lead in my first band “Traces” when I was in junior high school. My best friend John Certuse talked me into it and he’s been talking me into stuff ever since! I attended Penn State University on a track & field scholarship and qualified for the Olympic Trials in the high jump event. I still have the Penn State high jump record. Haha! I played in various bands through college and decided to make it a vocation after graduation. My first post graduation band “Beat Surrender” lasted 7 years and got signed and dropped by Columbia and Atlantic Records before the ink was dry on the contracts. My next band “Cactusland” was signed to Aureus Records (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.) by infamous record hawk Lenny Petze who also signed Boston, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper and a host of other artists. “Cactusland” was swallowed up by the changing tides of the record industry and never saw the light of day. Later, I toured the US and recorded two albums with heavy metal favorite “Meliah Rage” who had previously released three albums on Epic Records. Sully Erna, the lead singer of “Godsmack,” was once the drummer for “Meliah Rage.” I formed “Velveteen Playboys” in 2005 with various lineup changes, but it was not until I joined forces with Bob Gay, Lenny Bradford, Robert Holmes, Mike Null and Ben Zecker that the band really began to take shape and realize it’s potential. I have always believed in the possibility of these songs and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be able to perform them at this point in my career. My mother once told me “the only thing I ever wanted you to be was a singer.” Who am I to disappoint my mother?

Birthplace: Mansfield, MA

Influences: The Beatles, Elvis, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, Pete Townshend, Bono

Favorite drink: Red Wine

Favorite place to play music:
In front of people

Favorite article of clothing: Shoes

Last book read: When Giants Walked The Earth (Biography of Led Zeppelin). Currently reading Songwriters on Songwriting.

Passion: My family, my music

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  1. Awesome Paul. Great to see a small town boy make it big!! You have a great voice and the band sounds awesome. I would love to see you guys come out to Honolulu. Lots of luck in the future.

  2. As a former roadie for the Beat Surrender band, and the first person in Bahrain to view the new website, I wish you all the best in this venture.

  3. HI!

    You do have an amazing voice and your band mates are all awesome! Keep the energy going!

  4. Paul man I didn’t know you could blow like that!!! U Go Boy Do Your Thing!!! As we say it in th south boy u can SANG!!!!

  5. Paul you sing better than you high jump which is world class. The band sounds really good

  6. Paul you sing better than you high jump which is world class.

  7. Paul – So great to meet you! Uber can connect so many people. :) Glad I found your stuff! Great work, man. I’m excited to see you play live here in Indy!

  8. Paul just had to reach out and say thank you. Mark is really doing well. He was in the bu valentine meet and came in 6th the top 4 were Olympic medalists. Thank you for giving him a chance. You are the reason he is where he is. You would be so proud of the young man he has become. We are forever in your debt. Wishing you all the best. Lola Williamson

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